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“Old Cars Don’t Scare Us.  They have a legacy, a history, and they’re important to us.

Classic Car Restoration and Repair Services in Marietta GA

When you have a classic or antique car that is decades old you know the challenge can be to keep the car up and running long enough to make it home and back. With Concept Collision Repair we are happy to assist you with any restorations that a more challenging to work on by yourself or at home. It is our duty to treat your car as if it were our own. Antique car restoration takes time, lots of care and quality experience that will rejuvenate your old school antique into a state-of-the-art classic. Repairs can come in many shapes and sizes so we prepare our team with the latest in industry technology and care car handling services. We know that a car repair is more than just a look under the hood, we set a multi-point inspection that evaluates your automobile to insure it meets and exceeds performance standards. Auto body repairs and restoration is one of our favorite services available because it allows us to work on automobiles that are a big part of history. The restoration is carefully examined so that we can match up the exact replication of the original or if you are feeling like it’s time for a change we are open to discuss additional modifications to the model that will make it one of a kind.

Repairs for any classic or antique automobiles.

Concept Collision Repair offers Auto Body and Repair to a host of different cities in the Georgia. Our family owned business works to provide to best quality car restoration in Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding areas. We support hard working individuals who understand automobile repair and quality customer service. We know it can be hard to trust repairs from businesses but with our integrity and standards we know you can count on us to get the job done right. Our car restoration service offers a variety of part changes, repair, cover ups, painting, and modifications that will allow us to be flexible with your classic car. We are always there to fix the car the way you want it to be. Our procedure includes a free consultation that will assess your automobiles issues and what we can do the fix them. Car restoration will vary on the automobile condition, type or model, materials available, tools and skills needed to perform the best restoration work in the Atlanta GA Area. Our business is your business when it comes car repairs and we know that your car restoration needs the care and attention just like the owner would want. It is our customer satisfaction rate that drives use to get your car back on the road. Concept Collision Center Repair Shop has the best classic car restoration in Atlanta Georgia, so come on by and let’s take a look at your car repair and restoration needs today!

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